Django book

9 November 2006 - One Response

The first couple of chapters of The Django Book came out last week. I’m really pleased that they’re taking the time to do it – the framework itself is pretty much there but it’s the documentation that will determine whether or not adoption will really take off.

The guides on are excellent already but a book/reference takes it to the next level.


Well I’ll be….

2 November 2006 - Leave a Response

Out of desperation, I tried out an XSD schema viewing tool that I have ignored in the past just because it happens to be a big lumpy Java app. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s not half bad: SchemaViewer … and it doesn’t eat up all the resources on my machine either.

It falls over when you load a really big schema like a UBL invoice but you can just increase the size of the memory the JVM is allowed to use. Wouldn’t be a problem if it was written in any other language, would it now ? :p

Must… stop…

27 October 2006 - Leave a Response

I don’t want to come across as too anti-zope so here’s a link that I found on the excellent Daily Python URL to aZope3 In 30 Minutes tutorial.

… Still looks hugely complicated and I doubt I could get through it all and understand it in 30 minutes …. stop it now …
Sorry :p

Django – king of web frameworks

21 October 2006 - Leave a Response

We’ve been using Django for a few months now and have already released a major project that uses it. “The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.” Well, whether you’re a perfectionist or not, Django is worth a look. It uses Python classes to create/manage/query your database, comes with a “free” admin interface for your database tables and “just works”.

Zope had served us quite well for a few years previous. When the time came to look for a new framework, Zope 3 had just been released. Holy crap, that thing was a monster – a complete redesign and rewrite of Zope 2.* which left none of Zope’s redeeming features and turned it into some kind of Bride of Frankenstein, overly-object-oriented-for-the-hell-of-it, multiple-inheritance-nightmare, with no proper documentation (The Zope3 book was out of date before the thing had been released), that required acres of boilerplate code just to do a Hello World.

Thankyou Django.